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    Lançamento de Heroes of Newerth (HoN) na América Latina

    Administrador Staff
    Administrador Staff

    Lançamento de Heroes of Newerth (HoN) na América Latina 822312 Lançamento de Heroes of Newerth (HoN) na América Latina 2109348208
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    Lançamento de Heroes of Newerth (HoN) na América Latina Empty Lançamento de Heroes of Newerth (HoN) na América Latina

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    Fonte: http://www.businesswire.com/

    RESUMO: S2 Games, criadores de - Heroes of Newerth (HoN)- anunciou hoje que em breve teremos HoN localizado e distribuído na Coréia do Sul e América Latina. Depois de angariar mais de 2,4 milhões de contas registradas no Sudeste Asiático desde o lançamento de HoN a um ano atrás, S2 Games tem como objetivo continuar o crescimento global de HoN em parcerias exclusivas com plataformas de jogos online regionais Ntreev Soft e Axeso5.com. Na América Latina, Axeso5.com irá supervisionar e gerenciar HoN em Espanhol e Português para mais de 20 países, incluindo Argentina, Brasil, México, Perú e muito mais através de América Central e do Sul.

    Desde o seu lançamento em 2008, Axeso5.com está liderando a revolução MMO na América Latina, que hospeda uma comunidade vibrante de jogadores, aproveitando um portfólio vencedor de MMOs casuais ao hardcore MMORPG (incluindo títulos de grande sucesso como Audition, Operation7 e Karos Online) e estabelecendo uma ampla rede de cibercafés afiliadas em toda a região.

    Com mais de 5 milhões de usuários registrados em 20 países da América Latina, axeso5 oferece um dos melhores serviços para os jogadores de MMO, incluindo: Torneios Regionais e uma grande variedade de eventos, apoio tanto no Espanhol e Português, e uma equipe com amplo conhecimento no atual cena de jogo.


    Heroes of Newerth (HoN) Set to Launch in Latin America and Korea

    S2 Games Partners with Ntreev Soft and Axeso5.com to Expand Regional Exposure

    KALAMAZOO, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--S2 Games, creators of award winning PC game franchises – Heroes of Newerth and Savage—announced today that its massively popular session-based, multiplayer, Action-RPG Heroes of Newerth (HoN) will soon be localized and distributed in Korea and Latin America. After garnering over 2.4 million registered accounts in South East Asia since HoN launched less than a year ago, S2 Games aims to continue the global growth of HoN in exclusive partnerships with regional online gaming platforms Ntreev Soft and Axeso5.com. Latin American gaming company Axeso5.com will oversee the localization of HoN in Spanish and Portuguese for over 20 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Perú and many more across Central and South America. While Korean developer and publisher Ntreev Soft will manage Korean localization and distribution efforts for HoN in Korea. The proposed plan will provide gamers in both regions with localized servers, regional marketing, dedicated support teams, e-sport tournaments, and local billing services where gamers can utilize their local currency.

    “Latin Gamers will be able to use local cash through the broad billing network that Axeso5.com has in the region.”

    "With a localized service in Spanish and Portuguese of HoN, Axeso5.com and S2 Games will deliver a high quality service to local gamers," said Cristian Schweizer, CEO of Axeso5.com. "Latin Gamers will be able to use local cash through the broad billing network that Axeso5.com has in the region."

    Localization efforts for each build of HoN will be similar to those enjoyed by gamers in the West since the game launched nearly two years ago. Region specific marketing and e-Sport opportunities will soon become a reality for some of the most passionate gamers in the world. Korean and Latin American gamers will be able to embrace their competitive spirits in e-sport events known to have some of the largest prize pools in emergent e-sport destinations as seen in Malaysia and Indonesia where Garena recently announced the HoN National Championships featuring prize pools of 500,000 RM and 500,000,000 IDR respectively.

    “We are very happy to start this partnership with S2 Games and thrilled to launch such a high quality game like HoN," said Hyun-Geun Shin, COO of Ntreev Soft. "We believe that our close partnership with S2 Games will lead to a successful launch of HoN in Korea."

    A closed beta test of the localized Korean HoN client is currently in development and set to release in the second quarter of this year, with a fully featured transfer program for existing HoN players in that region shortly thereafter once the game moves to an open beta test. The transfer program will be aimed at directing existing players to the new localized servers and game client where they can continue playing HoN using their North American/European Union account credentials. Once the open beta test begins, the transfer program will allow users to migrate all of their existing account data to the new service. Once players make the transfer to their own localized HoN client, they can expect all the same services they have enjoyed from their International account including all the latest game patches and store purchases. After the HoN closed beta launches in Korea within the second quarter of this year, Latin Americans can expect to see their own closed beta launch shortly after. For more information about Heroes of Newerth visit http://www.heroesofnewerth.com.

    About S2 Games:

    S2 Games is a game publisher and developer with a mission to identify, develop, evolve and unleash the future of online multiplayer games. Since its inception in 2003, S2 has been focused on driving innovation into the global online game space, through identifying and solving industry issues, listening closely to its passionate gamer base and incorporating features that gamers truly want.

    Active in sponsoring and helping drive many global tournaments, S2 is focused on providing the best online multiplayer gaming experience and opportunities for its fans to shine. For more information about S2, please visit http://www.s2games.com.

    About Axeso5.com

    Since its launch in 2008, Axeso5.com is leading the MMO revolution in Latin America, hosting a vibrant community of gamers, leveraging a winner portfolio from casual MMOs to hardcore MMORPG (including blockbuster titles like Audition, Operation7 and Karos Online) and establishing a widespread network of affiliated cybercafés throughout the region.

    With over 5 millon registered users in 20 countries in Latin America, axeso5 provides one of the best services for MMO players including: Regional Tournaments and a wide variety of Events, support both in Spanish and Portuguese, and a team with extensive knowledge in the current gaming scene.

    About Ntreev Soft

    Ntreev Soft (www.ntreev.com) was established in 2003 and started building up their recognition in Korea in 2004 with an MMORPG “Trickster” and a casual sports game “Pangya”, which is considered a casual game pioneer in the RPG market with more than 1.5 Million subscribers throughout 40 countries worldwide.

    Launching a game portal site called Gametree (www.gametree.co.kr) in 2009, Ntreev Soft expanded their business arena to not only development, but also publishing with such game titles as Pro-baseball Manager(the number one Korean baseball simulation game), Alicia (an action riding game), and Arche. Ntreev Soft is expected to launch Heroes of Newerth developed by S2 Games, Power Rangers Online developed by Ntreev and Age of Wulinby by Snail Games in 2012.


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